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Here to get your "HONEY DO LIST" done


Maintenance Packages

Your home is a complex configuration of multiple systems.  

All of which need regular maintenance.  Many people do not pay attention or even know what the different systems require for maintenance.  

Our service techs take their time checking and documenting all of the systems in your home and making sure you know of any projects that may need attention right away.  These packages include regularly scheduled check ups and operation of the various systems your home has.  

The packages start at only $79.99 a month 

Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss this and your other options.

Some of the standards of these include;


Check grout on all tile surfaces

Check all plumbing for leaks

Clean aerators on sinks and shower heads

Check for insect/pest problems

Check and clean deck/patio areas

Clean out window wells of debris

Check and clean out dryer and other exhaust vents

Flush water heater to remove sediment

Check water heater temperature

Check water pressure in home

Check and advise chimney cleaning

Check laundry room hose bibs, drains, and piping

Check exterior hose bibs

Check sump pump

Check and clean driveway pavement and walk ways for cracks or other concerns

Check all handles or knobs on doors, cabinets, drawers.

Check all locks on doors and windows

Check all windows operate properly 

Check all weather striping on windows and doors

Check all caulking around showers, tubs, sinks, windows, and foundations

Check all screens for tears, holes , or other damages

Check breaker panel

Check meter base

Check service mast

Check breakers

Check grounding system


Check water heater pressure relief valve

Replace Batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors


Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Test garage door auto-reverse system

Test all water valves

Check all drain lines

Check water softener

Check all GFCI outlets

Check all light switches/bulbs

Check on all fire extinguishers

Replace HVAC filter

Check exterior for any damages from storm, pest, or other.

Check interior for any damages